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⓵ 量度醫療級身體成份分析儀能精準量度19項全身測量及10項分段測量

⓶ 營養師諮詢(30分鐘) - 營養師將跟據您的身體數據洞悉您當前及潛在的身體狀況

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豆類和鮮金針 - 以清水浸透並沸水高溫徹底煮熟

木薯 - 把木薯莖部切成小塊,再浸泡在水中並以沸水烹煮

竹筍 - 把新鮮竹筍切成薄片和徹底煮熟

水果的種子和果核 - 避免進食

馬鈴薯 - 避免食用馬鈴薯的綠色部分、薯皮及薯皮以下部分

白果 - 食用已完全成熟及經烹煮的白果,並限制食用分量至數粒




Naturally Occurring Toxins In Fruits and Vegetables?

Fruits and vegetables have always given us the impression of being healthy and nutritious, it would not cause serious health consequences even if consumed in a large quantity. However, it can become toxic or cause symptoms with poor selection or food handling, such as nausea, vomiting or diarrhoea.

In order to reduce the exposure to natural toxins and the risk of food poisoning, just one step away💡

Beans and Fresh Jin Zhen - Soak thoroughly then cook thoroughly at boiling temperature

Cassavas - Cut the roots into small pieces, followed by soaking and boiling in water

Bamboo shoots - Slice into smaller pieces and cook thoroughly

Fruit seeds and stones - Avoid eating

Potatoes - Avoid the green area, peel and just below the peel of potatoes

Ginkgo seeds - Limit the portion and just consume fully ripe and cooked ginkgo seeds

💡Friendly reminder

Cyanogenic glycosides alone contained in beans, cassavas, bamboo shoots, fruit seeds and stones are relatively non-toxic, but it is broken down to release toxic hydrogen cyanide that is toxic to humans. Yet its toxic substance can be destroyed by high temperature cooking.

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