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🎁 憑購買【5天茶療體驗套裝】收據可免費預約「全套營養師諮詢乙次」(價值:HK$1,500)

全新系列 -〖5天茶療體驗套裝〗,營養生將定期根據季節性的變化及多年臨床數據制定最具功能性的茶療🍵 . 今期推介👉🏻 〖5天茶療體驗套裝〗- 補水茶





🔸延長維生素B在體內停留的時間 ➡️ 加入大蒜,洋蔥和青葱炒

🔸清胃生津,降火 ➡️ 加入北芪和紅棗烹煮


【Nutritional Value Of Different Parts Of Pig】

Pork is one of our common sources of animal protein, but how much do you know about pork?

In addition to protein, pork is also rich in vitamin B1, which can help eliminate fatigue and relieve anxiety. Hind leg meat, tendon meat and thigh muscle have a higher lean meat content, which can help muscle formation and is particularly suitable during the fat loss period. Pig ears, heart and pork belly are rich in colloid, which promotes skin elasticity. Pork belly is high in trans fat, so regular consumption is not recommended!

Recommended cooking methods:

🔸Prolong the time that vitamin B stays in the body ➡️ Stir fry with garlic, onions and green onions

🔸Clear the stomach, promote fluid production, and reduce internal heat ➡️ Add astragalus root and red dates in the cooking

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