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【月餅熱量續個睇】- 營養生Negimen


冰皮月餅及雪糕月餅分量最細,而且糖份較低。傳統雙黃白蓮蓉月餅同五仁月餅等 份量較大,糖份同油份並偏高,因此建議每日食不超過八分一大細。而迷利奶黃月餅係所有月餅當中油份最高,流心餡的油份和反式脂肪會更高, 大家不妨考慮比較低糖及低脂的月餅!


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【Mooncake calories check 】Mid-autumn festival is coming. Besides enjoying the time with family and friends, and admiring the moon, having mooncakes is one of our favorite activities . Each year bakery shops will design a great variety of types of mooncake with different flavour, do you know how to pick the healthier option?

Traditional mook cakes such as White lotus seed paste mooncake with yolks and the chinese ham and nut mooncake have greater portion size and are high in fat, thus the recommended serving per day is ⅛. Though the mini custard mooncake is small in size, it has the highest fat content, the lipid content and saturated fat in lava custard mooncake may even be higher than that!

Friendly reminder: The daily sugar consumption should not exceed 10% of total energy intake (avg. adult 2000kcal per day, the maximum added sugar intake is 25g ). Nutritional information of mooncakes different among brands, please read the food label for further information.

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