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【Rapid weight loss with limited starch intake】Many different dieting methods have emerged in recent years, and among them, quitting starch is one of the most popular methods. Many people regard starch as the main cause of fat gain, and some people experienced rapid weight loss after quitting starch, and the problem of edema seems to have improved also. Even so, we can't limit starch from our diet for our entire life. We would experience a rapid weight gain when returning back to a normal diet. At this time, are you convinced that "starch" is the main cause of fat gain?

In fact, one of the reasons for the rapid weight loss after quitting starch is because when starch is no longer provided as an energy source, our body needs to consume glycogen that has been stored in the liver and muscles as a backup energy source. As every 1g of glycogen contains 3-4g of water, that is, when the body consumes 1g of glycogen, it will lose 3-4g of water at the same time. The amount of glycogen stored in the human body is about 300g (depending on the muscle mass of each person). Therefore, when the body is fasted for 8-12 hours and all glycogen is consumed, the weight will drop by at least 1500g (about 3 pounds). After returning to a normal diet, glycogen will be stored in the body again, with water gained at the same time, causing the phenomenon of "weight gain".

Friendly reminder: Carbohydrate is one of the essential nutrients for the human body. Having a balanced, sustainable and healthy diet is the only way to lose fat and weight in the long-term.

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