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✅ 以最天然方法改善自身各方面機制

✅ 同步改善各項醫療報告指數

✅ 逐步減低對西藥的依賴,劑量及副作用

✅ 無需長期服用處方藥物維持、控制及穩定各項指數

【每天只需1包Negimen Tea,輕鬆控制身體各項指標】



鄰苯二甲常存在於外賣容器、保鮮膜和水瓶中。 它是最常用的增塑劑之一,以增加塑料的柔韌性。











【Single-Use Plastics are Invisible Health Thieves】

Phthalate is often found in takeaway containers, plastic wrap and water bottles. It is one of the most commonly used plasticisers that is added to increase the flexibility of plastic.

Long-term exposure of phthalates is found to disrupt hormones, potentially increasing the risk of metabolic disorders, hypertension and insulin resistance, while fertility issues and asthma are also found in children.

💡Friendly Reminder

In order to reduce the consequences of environmental toxins, be aware of the followings:

・Use reusable container

・Avoid heat food in plastic containers

・Improve both phase I and II liver detoxification

・Enhance the body's antioxidant capacity

・Consult a nutritionist for further nutrient approach

🧪Don’t let the excessive body toxins to hinder fat loss progress or trigger other health issues, a testing may lead you the way to solutions💭

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