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【すき家 Sukiya丼飯營養大比拼 - 鰻魚丼篇】- 營養生Negimen

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【すき家 Sukiya丼飯營養大比拼 - 鰻魚丼篇】 早前為大家介紹三款在香港丶日本都相當受歡迎嘅牛丼,今次一齊睇下すき家 Sukiya同樣有名的鰻魚丼啦。



【Sukiya Don Check - Eel bowl】Last time we introduced the 3 most popular Gyndon in Hong Kong, in this episode we would like to share about the beloved eel bowls, which is also Hong Kong people’s favourite in Sukiya.

Eel is rich in omega 3 fatty acid and protein, provides us nutrients and protects our heart and blood vessels at the same time. As the soft bones can be eaten with flesh, the bioavailable calcium in eel is higher than those fish that bones can not be consumed. But be careful that the sugar content in eel sauce is relatively high, that makes the total carbohydrates of the eel bowl higher than that of the same amount of Gyndon. Eel is naturally rich in fish oil, for those who would like to taste double eel bowl, remember to mind the calories and fat intake.

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