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Different kinds of rice for everyone

After telling you about the advantage of rice, and we now deeply look into the differences between them, we could also choose them based on our digestive ability. The following would be 6 kinds of rice with their characteristics and function.

Among them, white rice, red rice and brown rice are usually the staple food. Red rice contains most dietary fibre, anthocyanin and iron which helps eliminate toxins from the body and nourish our blood. Since brown rice and red rice would be hardly digested, it is suggested to mix them with white rice depending on your preference.

Millets with the highest protein content and other nutrients like beta-carotenoids, ferulic acid and catechin could help anti-oxidation. You can also use it in salad or congee that is easily digested.

Semen coicis and black glutinous rice are usually found in the dessert with the function of nourishing spleen yin. Yet people having digestive problems should consume them less.

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