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【8 Foods That Are Good For Hair Growth】

Hair related health issues can be happening in both genders at different ages.

Men nor women have the opportunity to suffer from hair-related problems such as hair loss, hair breakage or hair loss. The common causes are closely related to diet and ageing. There are also reasons such as long-term medication, hair dyeing and physical weakness.

Hair contains about 12-15% water and trace mineral elements such as calcium, zinc, iron and silicon. These elements are brought to the base of the hair follicle through blood circulation and help form the hair shaft. Therefore, supplementing dietary vitamins and minerals is very important for the hair follicle growth cycle and cell renewal.

About 3% of the lipid component of hair is produced in the hair bulb from sterols, fatty acids and ceramides. It becomes the "cement" between the cells of the cortex and cuticle, and also strengthens the cohesion of the hair fibre, giving the hair a unique impermeability texture.

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