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【8 types of seafood with high protein content】

Protein is one of the most important nutrients to the human body. The proteins that our body need are formed by 20 amino acids, in which 9 are classified as essential amino acids. Our body cannot produce essential amino acids, thus they MUST come from food.

Among all the food types, seafood contains the most essential amino acid. Some such as salmon even contain all of them. We call this type of food complete protein. In this post, we introduced 8 types of seafood that are high in protein. Most of them are low in fat which are very beneficial to our health, especially for bodybuilders and those who are on diet.

💡The Centre for Food Safety suggests that 1kg weight requires 0.8g of protein per day, which means a person with 50kg weight should consume 40g protein. Take salmon fillet as an example, there is 20.4g protein per 100g. If a piece of salmon fillet weighs 300g, its protein content is 61.2g. A person who weighs 50kg should consume ⅔ salmon fillet a day. Yet, it is reminded that over-absorption of protein should be avoided. This is because excess protein will be converted to fat, increasing the risk of obesity.

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