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全新系列 -〖5天茶療體驗套裝〗,營養生將定期根據季節性的變化及多年臨床數據制定最具功能性的茶療🍵

今期推介👉🏻 〖5天茶療套裝〗- 感冒茶 (售價: HKD520)






【“8 Sweets” & Melon Seeds Are Indispensable In The Chinese Candy Box】

As the Lunar New Year approaches, apart from the spring cleaning, setting up New Year’s decorations and candy boxes are also indispensable! 

8 kinds of sweets and melon seeds are the must-have in the traditional candy box, each with its own meaning, and the positioning is actually very particular.

These traditional New Year sweets include candied lotus seeds, winter melon and lotus root, and more. Since these are pickled with a large amount of sugar, even they are made with relatively healthy ingredients, their essence has been completely changed due to the heavily coated sugar.

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