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【原來咁樣食補唔到鈣㗎!】- 營養生Negimen

【原來咁樣食補唔到鈣㗎!】鈣對維持骨骼健康尤其重要,青少年時期所攝取的鈣質能被身體儲起,但成年以後,鈣質便會開始慢慢流失,不作補充的話便有機會出現骨質疏鬆的問題。補充鈣的同時亦要注意食物組合,因為食物中不同的營養包括: 蛋白質、鐵、鈉、磷和纖維等都會阻礙鈣吸收。另外,建議每日曬10-15分鐘太陽以吸取足夠的維他命D,食物中的鈣才可有效地被人體吸收。

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【Food that needs to avoid in facilitating calcium absorption】Calcium is an essential mineral required for maintaining bone health. Our body could store up calcium efficiently when we were young, but calcium loss gradually as we age. Without sufficient replenishment, one has a higher risk of getting osteoporosis. Also, the presence of other nutrients including proteins, iron, sodium, phosphoric acid, and fiber in our diet may hinder calcium absorption as well. Vitamin D, another vital nutrient required for the body to uptake calcium efficiently, can be obtained through daily exposure of skin under sunlight for 10-15 minutes.

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