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🎁 憑購買【5天茶療體驗套裝】收據可免費預約「全套營養師諮詢乙次」(價值:HK$1,500)

全新系列 -〖5天茶療體驗套裝〗,營養生將定期根據季節性的變化及多年臨床數據制定最具功能性的茶療🍵 今期推介👉🏻 〖5天茶療體驗套裝〗- 補水茶



✅ 牛後腿肉 - 高蛋白質低脂肪的部位

✅ 菲力及肋眼 - 脂肪和蛋白質比例較平均

❌ 牛五花及前胸肉 - 比較其他部位含較高脂肪和低蛋白質


牛肉中的豐富蛋白質、鐵、鋅和維他命 B12有助預防貧血,缺鐵人士及懷孕婦女尤其建議食用。烹調時配搭枸杞和紅棗更能發揮牛肉的營養價值,達至養血補氣的功效。


[Anatomy Of The Beef Parts!]

Recommended parts

✅ Round - High protein and low fat

✅ Fillet and Ribeye - Average fat to protein ratio

❌Short plate and Brisket - High fat and low protein

💡Friendly Reminder

Beef is rich in protein, iron, zinc and vitamin B12, which can help prevent anaemia. It is recommended for people with iron deficiency and pregnant women. In order to utilise the nutritional value of beef, goji berry and red dates can be used as subsidary to achieve nourishing blood and nourishing qi.

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