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改善5大都市健康問題 (自選功能)

皮膚 - 暗瘡、暗啞、敏感、乾燥、毛囊發炎等

睡眠 - 難入睡、不能進入深度睡眠、容易中間醒等

胃口 - 胃口很大/很小、嚐甜、喜愛油炸、高熱量食品等

頭髮 - 脫髮問題、頭髮稀疏、頭髮生長慢等

排便 - 經常肚瀉、便秘、大便不成形、大便較乾等








Combat Bloating in CNY at a Glance

Are you still eating hard to clear the Chinese cakes at, Poon Choi and snacks at home? The traditional CNY festive food is usually hard to digest and easily leads to stomach discomfort.

New year cake, taro cake and turnip cake are mainly made of glutinous rice flour and rice flour that their complex starch structures are hard for humans to break down, resulting in bloating and indigestion.

Although abalone, fish maw and goose web which are high in protein, they are usually braised in sauce that contains high content of fat. Thus, more digestive enzymes and longer digestion time are needed.

To ease the stomach discomfort, increasing masticated activity is suggested to enable the brain signal transmission of satiety. Besides, it also increases the food surface area to reduce digestive burden in the stomach. The enzymes from tangerine and kiwi can help the protein breakdown after a big feast, while hawthorn and green tea have the function of eliminating stagnation and cutting the grease to relieve stomach discomfort.

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