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【すき家 Sukiya丼飯營養大比拼 - 咖喱飯篇】

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【すき家 Sukiya丼飯營養大比拼 - 咖喱飯篇】咖喱是日本小朋友最喜愛的包裝食品之一,不僅因為咖喱美味可口,對家庭主婦來講烹任過程都很方便,而且咖喱可以搭配多種食材,吃出不同風味。等我地睇下餐廳煮嘅日式咖喱的營養價值。

咖哩飯中的含糖量高得驚人,雖然日本Sukiya總部 在計算營養成分時可能將米飯中的碳水化合物算作糖的一部分,但咖喱的整體碳水化合物量比鰻魚丼及牛丼更高。主要因為製作咖哩磚的食品加工過程中,除了需要加入糖來中和香料的苦味,還會加入大量的玉米澱粉使咖哩混合物變稠,及使它硬化成磚塊狀。此外,一份炸雞(約3大塊)本身含有250kcal卡路里和8g脂肪。記住不要吃太多啦!


【Sukiya Don Check - Curry Don】 Curry is one of the most commonly eaten prepacked foods by Japanese kids, not only because of its palatability but its convenience for housewives and it can match with a wide range of ingredients. Let’s see its nutrition value at the restaurant level.

The sugar content in curry dom is surprisingly high, though Sukiya Japan may count the carbohydrates in rice as part of the sugar, it is debutlessly that curry contains very high sugar. It may be due to the food processing of curry bricks. Besides adding sugar to neutralize the bitter taste of species, a large amount of cornstarch will be added to thicken the curry mixture which helps to solidify it in brick shape. In addition, a serving of fried chicken(around 3 large pieces) itself contains 250kcal and 8g of fat. Remember not to eat too much!

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