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✅ 以最天然方法改善自身各方面機制

✅ 同步改善各項醫療報告指數

✅ 逐步減低對西藥的依賴,劑量及副作用

✅ 無需長期服用處方藥物維持、控制及穩定各項指數

【每天只需1包Negimen Tea,輕鬆控制身體各項指標】








【Do You Really Know Your Food?】

In many cases, the naming of food depends on its appearance or shape, but not the actual parts. After the baptism of time and years, it is gradually believed to be true. Do you actually know what you are eating?

Sea urchins, crab roe, crab paste, pork intestine and shirako are all reproductive organs, which are fallopian tubes, uterus, ovaries or testes. Although they contain natural hormones and placenta, they also contain high levels of heavy metals, so it is suggested not to be consumed in large quantities or for a long time.

“Pork tongue” is actually the pancreas of pigs, which has the effect of strengthening the spleen and stomach, nourishing the lungs and moistening dryness. On the other hand, “pork intestine” is often confused with chitterlings, the former is actually the oviduct and uterus of a pig, while the latter is the duodenum of pigs.

“Chicken kidney” and beef tripe are actually the stomachs of chicken and cattle respectively. The gizzard of chicken is made of muscular walls that contract, while, and beef tripe is the third stomach of cattle, which is also known as omasum.

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