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⓵ 量度醫療級身體成份分析儀能精準量度19項全身測量及10項分段測量

⓶ 營養師諮詢(30分鐘) - 營養師將跟據您的身體數據洞悉您當前及潛在的身體狀況

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【Do Not Overlook The Fat And Sodium Content in Siu-Mei and Lo-Mei 】

Siu-mei and lo-mei are very common in fast food and Chinese cuisine, but did you know that they ranked the 6th largest source of dietary sodium for adults?

Excessive sodium intake in the diet may increase the risk of high blood pressure, leading to diseases such as heart disease, stroke and kidney failure. Among the same amount of siu-mei and lo-mei, the relatively unobtrusive red sausage has the highest sodium content. Speaking from the whole, it would be more ideal to just consume the meat portion.

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