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【食到身體發炎?】- 營養生Negimen


糖份 - 增加體內低密度膽固醇(LDL)和滋養腸道壞菌,破壞腸道微生態平衡

精緻澱粉質 - 身體吸收速度很快,但卻難以代謝。代謝不掉的碳水化合物與蛋白質會在體內結合並產生糖化終產物「AGEs」,引起身體慢性發炎

果仁 - 含有豐富奧米加6。奧米加6和奧米加3同樣是身體的必要脂肪酸。但當身體中的奧米加6含量比奧米加3高太多(多於5:1的比例)時,身體將進入一個容易發炎的狀態

酒精 - 增加體內乳酸,抑制尿酸從腎臟排出,增加體內尿酸,從而增加痛風風險

煎炸食物 - 通常經高溫處理,高溫處理的油份結構會變得不穩定,形成反式脂肪,增加全身發炎反應。

紅肉和加工肉 - 含有亞硝酸鹽和嘌呤,肉類中的亞硝酸鹽經高溫烹調後會形成亞硝胺(致癌物);嘌呤則增加體內尿酸



【Eating causes inflammation? 】After understanding that our daily diets have a great impact on the inflammation states of the body, foods that are prone to inflammation of the body are introduced so that we can try to reduce the consumption of these foods in our daily life to improve the symptoms of body inflammation.

Sugar - increase low-density cholesterol (LDL) in the body and nourish bad bacteria in the intestines, destroy the intestinal micro-ecological balance

Refined starch - Can be absorbed by the body easily, but it is difficult to be metabolized. The carbohydrates and proteins that cannot be metabolized will combine in the body to produce AGEs, advanced glycation end products. If accumulated, it is easy to cause chronic inflammation of the body.

Nuts - rich in omega 6. Omega 6 and Omega 3 are essential fatty acids for the body. But when the content of Omega 6 in the body is much higher than that of Omega 3 (more than 5:1 ratio), the body will enter a state that is prone to inflammation.

Alcohol - increases lactic acid in the body, inhibits the excretion of uric acid from the kidneys, thereby increasing the risk of gout

Fried food - after high temperature treatment, trans fatty acids will be formed, increasing the systemic inflammatory response.

Red and processed meat - contains nitrite and purine. Nitrite in meat will form nitrosamine (carcinogen) when cooked at high temperature; purine increases uric acid in the body

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