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【Instant Chicken Breast Comparison】Nowadays, many of us aware that our diet plays a major role in losing fat healthily. More people realize the importance of protein to our body. However, we are too busy to prepare our own daily meals. Many instant chicken breast goods came into being, so that we can have protein anytime and anywhere. But do you know how to choose the best one that suits you within so many different choices?

When comparing instant chicken breasts, we can pay more attention to their fat and sodium content. If it contains more than 120mg of sodium per 100g, it is considered as high sodium content. It is easy to cause edema if consuming too much sodium daily. The instant chicken breast on the market is approximately 100g, and the protein content ranges from 23-30g, which is equivalent to 3-4 eggs. Comparing the original flavor, the fat and sodium content of each instant chicken breast are quite different. Among them, Loveeat's original slow-cooked soft chicken breast has the least fat and sodium content.

In addition to the original flavor and herbs flavor, there are different flavours in different brands, which will greatly affect its nutritional value. If “healthy diet” is the reason you are choosing instant chicken breast, it is recommended to choose the least flavored one.

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