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忌廉蜜瓜包的高含糖量並不出乎意料,一個已經含有高達57克糖,所含的游離糖已超出成年人每日50克游離糖的建議攝取量。當身體未能處理過多游離糖攝取,便容易儲存於肝臟形成脂肪,更會影響皮膚狀況,令暗瘡乾燥情況變嚴重。長期攝取過多糖份亦增加胰島素抵抗(insulin resistance),容易增加高血糖的風險。



Japanese Dessert🍮

The variety of Japanese desserts has always been popular. Let’s take a look at some common desserts in convenience stores and Japanese supermarkets!

Unsurprisingly a melon bread with cream contains 57g of sugar, which exceeds the recommended daily intake of free sugars of 50g for adults. The excessive sugar intake is very likely to be stored in the liver as fat if it cannot be processed on time, which also easily induces skin problems like pimples and dryness. An elevation of blood glucose level is observed and may result in insulin resistance in the long-term.

In addition, especially melon bread, waffles and cakes use a lot of animal based whipped cream, which virtually increases the intake of saturated fat!

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