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①【獨家】中藥師體質分析+即場茶療體驗 (原價:HK$480)

② 營養師健康諮詢乙次 (原價:HK$550)




除了牛肉所提供的鐵質,韭菜提供的葉酸也是紅血球生成的重要營養素之一,有助體內紅血球生成和更新。栗子和花生分別含有豐富維他命E和B3 ,有保護細胞和促進新陳代謝的功效,從而令體內血管健康,改善血液循環。但因兩者澱粉含量或油份較高,大家當作小食享用時需留意份量。




Say bye to cold feet and hands

Have you experienced cold feet and hands when getting cold? Cold feet and hands is caused by slower blood circulation that oxygenated blood could not be properly transported to the feet and hands. Let's find out how to improve this situation from our diet!

Apart from the iron in beef, folate provided by Chinese chives is also one of the main nutrients for red blood cell synthesis and regeneration. Chestnuts and peanuts are rich in vitamin E and B3 to prevent cell damage and facilitate metabolism respectively. This helps maintain our blood vessel elasticity and improve blood circulation. Still, since their carbohydrate or fat content is relatively higher, it should be consumed less as a snack.

Magnesium has the function of thyroid function regulation by activating the thyroid hormone for vasodilation control. However, the warm feeling caused by having alcoholic drinks is the illusion. Alcohol mainly causes vasodilation under the skin to increase the blood flow and speed up the heat loss, which results in a lower body temperature.

Therefore,complex carbohydrates like oats are suggested to prolong our satiety and thermogenic effect since it takes a longer digestion period.

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