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✅ 以最天然方法改善自身各方面機制

✅ 同步改善各項醫療報告指數

✅ 逐步減低對西藥的依賴,劑量及副作用

✅ 無需長期服用處方藥物維持、控制及穩定各項指數

【每天只需1包Negimen Tea,輕鬆控制身體各項指標】






➡️ 體內含有過多糖份,因而施加壓力於腎臟運作,促使體內水份加快排走。


➡️ 胰島素波幅大且敏感度降低,細胞未能有效吸收血液內的糖份,導致大腦不停發出飢餓信號。


➡️ 過多的糖份影響免疫能力及神經遞質傳遞,傷口癒合速度減慢,增加出現黑棘皮症的風險。



【Unknowingly elevated blood sugar?】

Hb1Ac listed in the blood test report reflects your average blood sugar levels over the past 3 months, and its efficiency of the body. In addition to measuring the changes in blood sugar index, what other cues do the body give?

If you often experience the following conditions, it is likely to be caused by high blood sugar❗

Dry Mouth👄 and Frequent Urination🚽

➡️ Excessive blood glucose, which puts pressure on the kidney to expel water from the body.

Increased Appetite🍽️ and Chronic Fatigue🥱

➡️ Insulin has a large amplitude and reduced sensitivity, and the cells cannot effectively absorb the sugar in the blood, causing the brain to constantly send out hunger signals.

Dry and Dark Patches on the Neck or Armpits⚫

➡️ Abnormal high blood glucose level sugar adversely affects immunity and neurotransmission, which slows down wound healing, and increases the risk of acanthosis nigricans.

Early prevention and improvement on hyperglycemia is crucial, make an appointment now for more information about “Patented three-high data-driven tea therapy”, enjoy an exclusive discount of up to 20% in February💡

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