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改善5大都市健康問題 (自選功能)

皮膚 - 暗瘡、暗啞、敏感、乾燥、毛囊發炎等

睡眠 - 難入睡、不能進入深度睡眠、容易中間醒等

胃口 - 胃口很大/很小、嚐甜、喜愛油炸、高熱量食品等

頭髮 - 脫髮問題、頭髮稀疏、頭髮生長慢等

排便 - 經常肚瀉、便秘、大便不成形、大便較乾等








Ways to Cure Hangover

The year of 2022 approaches its end, and we may celebrate and go for a drink together. However, hangovers like vomiting, headache and muscle pain may develop later. Is there any food for remedy?

When alcohol enters the body, it speeds up the dehydration rate and interferes with vitamin absorption, which results in headache and fatigue. Oats and chamomile tea facilitate neurotransmitter formation. Besides, cucumber and banana helps hydration and electrolyte balance modulation. Hence, both improve blood flow to the brain for stress relief.

To ease the gastrointestinal discomfort, protein has a protective effect on the stomach wall to reduce the alcohol stimulation. Besides, since ginger has antiemetic and anti-inflammation function, it is likely to reduce the alcohol toxicity to the cell.

Friendly reminder: Although the food listed above can alleviate the hangover symptoms, 1 cup of non-alcoholic or low alcohol drink is suggested as the limit to reduce the cell damage.

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