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⓵ 量度醫療級身體成份分析儀能精準量度19項全身測量及10項分段測量

⓶ 營養師諮詢(30分鐘) - 營養師將跟據您的身體數據洞悉您當前及潛在的身體狀況

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一碗(240克)未經烹調的葉菜 = 生菜🥬、紫椰菜

半碗(120克)煮熟的蔬菜、芽菜、瓜類或菇類 = 菜心、芥蘭、菠菜、白菜、豆芽、茄子🍆、紅蘿蔔🥕

半碗(120克)煮熟的豆類 = 荷蘭豆、紅腰豆

¾杯(180克)沒有添加糖的新鮮蔬菜汁 = 新鮮蕃茄汁連渣




What Does A Portion Of Vegetable Looks Like?

We are often reminded to maintain 5 portions of fruits and vegetables daily, which is equivalent to 3 portions of vegetables and 2 portions of fruit. It may seem to be a lot, but it is actually not as difficult as imagined to be integrated into the daily diet. Roots, gourds, beans, peas, mushrooms, seaweeds and sprouts are also counted.

One portion of fresh vegetables is approximately equal to:

A bowl (240g) of raw leafy vegetables = lettuce 🥬, purple cabbage

Half a bowl (120g) of cooked vegetables, sprouts, melons or mushrooms = choy sum, Chinese kale, spinach, white cabbage, bean sprouts, eggplant🍆, carrot🥕

1/2 bowl (120g) cooked beans = snow peas, red kidney beans

¾ cup (180g) fresh vegetable juice without added sugar = fresh tomato juice with pulp

💡Friendly Reminder

Except preserved vegetables, including salt-cured and pickles vegetables, fresh, canned and frozen vegetables are all counted as 5-a-day.

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