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【皮膚乾燥又敏感 6大隱藏原因】




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【皮膚乾燥又敏感 6大隱藏原因】


除了咖啡、酒精和高鹽份食物會加速我們體內水份流失,精緻澱粉和糖份令皮膚細胞的蛋白質和脂肪醣化,形成糖化終結物(Advanced glycation end product, AGEs),分解骨膠原而造成皮膚老化。另外,因皮膚細胞包含骨膠原、角蛋白及彈性蛋白,素食者或平日較少進食肉類人士有機會因蛋白質攝取不足,阻礙細胞生成。細胞成份包含油脂,若平日飲食以烚、蒸為主而不加任何油份,亦會容易導致細胞膜變薄,難以保留水份。




Dry & sensitive skin? 6 hidden reasons

When our skin becomes dry or sensitive, we are so likely to focus on skin care products. Yet, dietary habits are closely related to our skin condition. Today let's reveal 6 hidden skin killers.

Apart from coffee, alcohol or high sodium food which speed up hydration, refined carbohydrates and sugar also induce glycation of protein or fat molecules in our cells, forming Advanced Glycation End products (AGEs). This results in collagen breakdown and skin aging. Besides, as our skin cells consist of collagen, keratin and elastin, the cell regeneration of vegetarians or those who have less meat intake may be disrupted due to insufficient protein intake. Our cells also contain lipid molecules, if you are having an oil-free diet or mainly cooking food by boiling or steaming, this may be hard to retain water in within the thinning cell membrane.

Moreover, anti-allergy medication like antihistamines would inhibit oil or mucus production, resulting in skin dryness.

Please stay tuned for the food suggestion to improve the situation above!

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