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【飲酒貼士】節日以酒精慶祝在所難免,但亦要注意飲用量,適可而止。酒的熱量來自酒精乙醇,1g 酒精等於 7kcal,酒精濃度愈高熱量亦會愈高。很多人以為啤酒最肥,事實上由於其酒精濃度較低,所以其熱量是聚多酒精中最低的,而烈酒如威士忌和伏特加的熱量較高。不過一杯啤酒的量較多約300-500ml,而一杯或Shot的烈酒分量則較少約30-40ml,所以仍是一杯啤酒含較高熱量。


  1. 不要空腹飲酒,不但傷胃,而且酒精會馬上吸收很快醉

  2. 不要配搭碳酸飲品,會加快酒精吸收

  3. 多飲水,幫助排出酒精,亦可幫助消水腫

  4. 酒精利尿易致脫水,可飲用椰子水補充電解質



【Drinking tips】Christmas is coming! Time to drink! The energy of alcohol comes from ethanol which provides 7kcal per each gram, and so drink with higher concentration contains greater calories. Beer is thought to be the most devil drink, in fact it contains the lowest calories with the lowest concentration compared to whiskey and vodka. However, a cup of beer always has a greater volume of around 300-500ml than strong drink of around 30-40ml, so a cup of beer still contains higher calories.

💡 Tips for hangover:

  1. Do not drink with empty stomach which not only damage your stomach but also easier to get drunk

  2. Do not combine with carbonated drink which also easier to get drunk

  3. Drink more water to help excrete ethanol and relieve edema

  4. Alcohol may make you dehydrated and drinking coconut water could supply natural electrolytes

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