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【脂肪都有分顏色?】- 營養生Negimen







【Fats in different colors?】Many people are afraid of "fat" and wish to limit the amount of fat content no matter in food or in their own body. But did you know that fats of different colors have different functions in our bodies?

What we often want to lose is white fat, which is generally stored under our skin(subcutaneous) and near our internal organs(visceral). It is responsible for storing the excess energy after digestion and saving it for use when needed. It also provides protection for our internal organs. White fat is also the main source of secretion and synthesis of many hormones. When there is insufficient white fat in the body, many physiological functions will be affected.

Brown fat is present on the upper back, clavicles and vertebrate, which accounts for less than 5% of the adult body. It can burn fat to produce heat. Generally, it is contained in newborn babies to maintain a normal body temperature. It is generally considered to be able to consume white fat and is an important tissue for weight control.

Beige fat is produced by browning of white fat under cold stimulation or after exercise, so it is generally mixed with white fat. Like brown fat, it can burn fat quickly and prevent obesity.

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