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改善5大都市健康問題 (自選功能)

皮膚 - 暗瘡、暗啞、敏感、乾燥、毛囊發炎等

睡眠 - 難入睡、不能進入深度睡眠、容易中間醒等

胃口 - 胃口很大/很小、嚐甜、喜愛油炸、高熱量食品等

頭髮 - 脫髮問題、頭髮稀疏、頭髮生長慢等

排便 - 經常肚瀉、便秘、大便不成形、大便較乾等








Get Ready for Christmas Dinner

You may already have a table reservation for the Christmas celebration. Do you know how to choose a balanced Christmas dinner?

Salad or roasted vegetables is recommended as an appetiser for dietary fibre intake. Regardless of salad mix, mushroom or avocado, their dietary content is not less than 3g per 100g, which helps prolong satiety and prevent overintake.

Speaking of the main course, pasta is usually high in carbohydrate and fat, but low in protein because they are only with a small amount of meat or seafood, but usually with processed cream and flavourings which are high in fat and sodium. Compared to pasta, pan-fried salmon fillet or grilled poussin are rich in protein, but lower in fat, which helps muscle synthesis. When they are served with roasted potatoes or vegetables, we may also get enough protein and carbohydrate simultaneously.

For the soup and dessert, the fat and sugar content per 100g of panna cotta is lower than that of chocolate fondant or cheesecake. Besides, pumpkin soup, which is a good source of vitamin A, uses less cream than other western soups. Hence, all of you can keep fit and enjoy the joy of Christmas!

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