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【經量少怎麼辦?】正常的月經週期為21至35日,經期為2至7日。但假如你發現經血量比以前減少、或者經血色較以前淺,就有機會是經量少的問題。經量少問題不容忽視,但假如發現有此問題應該如何解決呢?首先要分辨自己是屬於什麼體質, 按體質對症下藥。與你的營養師討論健康狀況,並透過改變飲食及茶療,調理好經期。


【How to treat light period?】

Women normally get their period every 21 to 35 days. Menstrual flow might last two to seven days. However, if you bleed for fewer than two day or your bleeding is very light. You should concerned about a light period. How to treat light period? You should know your body constitution first and treat with a right direction.Discussing your symptoms with your nutritionist, light period may be treated with changing your lifestyle and tea therapy.

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