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【What's inside mooncake】

Mid-autumn festival is a day to gather with family and eat mooncakes. There are numerous types of mooncakes, is there any healthier choice?🌕

In traditional mooncakes, including lotus seed paste mooncake with two yolks, assorted nuts mooncakes, egg custard mooncakes and red bean paste mooncake with yolk, and which assorted nuts mooncake is a healthier choice. The nuts inside are rich in dietary fibre and a healthy fatty acid called monounsaturated fatty acids and also contain less fat and sugar content compared to the others. Despite the fact, all traditional mooncakes contain large amounts of fat and sugar, it is recommended that eating less than ⅛ per day.🥮

Besides the traditional mooncakes, snowy mooncakes and ice cream mooncakes, snowy mooncakes are considered as a healthier one. It is suggested that not eating more than ½ per day.

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