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🎁 憑購買【5天茶療體驗套裝】收據可免費預約「全套營養師諮詢乙次」(價值:HK$1,500)







【Take A Look At Frozen Siu Mai】

Siu mai is one of Hong Kong's popular street foods and also a leading dim sum in the dim sum industry. However, due to the fast-paced life in Hong Kong, siu mai is more likely treated as tea time or midnight snack or even a meal sometimes.

Frozen siu mai is developed to allow consumers to enjoy siu mai at any time, while shrimp and fish are often used as the base fillings. In order to enhance the sensory characteristics and to extend the shelf life of pre-packaged food products, oil, and additives such as flavour enhancer and preservatives are added during the production process.

💡Friendly Reminder

It does not seem to cause serious health impacts with the small size of siu mai, however, long-term consumption can invisibly increase the intake of sodium, fat and artificial chemical substances. It can possibly slow down the fat metabolism especially during weight loss progress.

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