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【食物酸鹼值會影響健康?】- 營養生Negimen



營養師提提你: 鹼性食物一般都是較天然的食物如蔬果,而酸性食物比較多是加工食物和肉類,所以容易出現吃鹼性食物較健康的想法。


【Does food pH affect health?】Has anyone ever told you that "People with acidic constitution are more likely to get cancer"? Do you believe that eating more alkaline foods can make your body alkaline? Generally, organs and body fluids in the human body have different pH values. For example, the stomach is strongly acidic, while the pancreatic secretion is alkaline. It is generally referring to the blood pH when talking about the "body pH" that affects body functions.

Although food has different pH values, the chance of affecting the blood pH by food is actually very low, as the human body has a mechanism to neutralize the blood acidity through breathing, urination and the diffusing of alkaline substances (such as calcium) from bones to maintain the blood pH in the range of 7.35 to 7.45 (slightly alkaline). Therefore unless the acidic substances cannot be discharged normally due to disordered regulation mechanisms, the blood pH will not be imbalanced. Some studies have also pointed out that cancer cells can grow normally no matter in acidic or alkaline environments.

Friendly reminder: Natural foods, such as fruits and vegetables, are generally more alkaline while processed foods and meats are generally more acidic. Therefore it is common to assume that eating alkaline foods is healthier.

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