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【植物性激素是否乳腺癌原兇?】- 營養生Negimen

【植物性激素是否乳腺癌原兇?】 之前提及雌激素可細分為動物性及植物性。到底植物性雌激素會否有別於動物性?進食後真的會提升癌症風險嗎?



營養師提提您:適量攝取黃豆製品不會導致乳腺癌,反而能有效控制內分沁系統(Chen M, et al, 2018)。



【Do phytoestrogens increase the risk of breast cancer?】As mentioned before, estrogen can be derived from either animals or plants. Are there any differences among them? How does it affect the cancer level?

Phytoestrogens, though plant-based, function much like estrogen in humans. Unlike animal-based estrogen, it is cholesterol-free, rich in micronutrients & antioxidants. Since phytoestrogens have a similar structure as estrogen in humans, it can be absorbed easily by our body and poses both estrogenic and antiestrogenic effects.

The most common sources are isoflavones, lignans and coumarins. Take soybeans which are high in isoflavones as an example, they could serve as a type of natural hormone replacement by binding to estrogen receptors in the human body. This boosts hormone production at low estrogen levels. In contrast, isoflavones compete with ligands, which inhibit hormone production by estrogen receptors at high estrogen levels.In general, the binding ability and activity of phytoestrogens is weaker than human’s ligands. Therefore, they can express their effects mildly.

Friendly reminder: There is no direct linkage between soybean products & breast cancer, instead they can regulate our body endocrine system.(Chen M, et al, 2018)

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