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【慢慢食 會瘦啲?】- 營養生Negimen

【慢慢食 會瘦啲?】香港人生活節奏急促,連吃飯速度也十分迅速。不過其實吃得太快,肥胖和代謝綜合症的風險也會增加。原因在於:

1. 由進食到大腦接收到飽足訊息大概需要20分鐘,慢慢吃能身體感應飽足感,便會慢慢停止進食,避免攝取過多熱量。

2. 慢慢吃使食物可以充分嚼碎以增加表面積,使當中的澱粉更能被唾液中的澱粉酶分解成更細的分子,幫助消化。因此若進食過快,會加重腸胃負擔,造成消化不良及其他腸胃問題,亦會造成易胖體質。

3. 在咀嚼時會促進腸胃中的血液循環,同樣吃下300卡的食物,吃得快的人進食後90分鐘內,消耗的卡路里為7卡,細嚼慢嚥的人則是180卡。

4. 當快速進食時,血糖會快速升高,而人體內便會分泌大量胰島素,食物便會轉化為脂肪留在體內。



【Eat Slower, To Lose Weight?】The pace of life in Hong Kong is hectic, same with our eating speed. In fact, eating too fast will increase the risk of obesity and metabolic syndrome. The reasons are:

1. It takes about 20 minutes for the brain to receive the message of fullness after we start eating. Eating slowly can let our body receive the sense of fullness, so to stop eating, eventually avoid excessive calories intake.

2. Eating slowly lets the food be fully chewed to increase surface area, so that starch can be broken down by amylase in saliva into finer molecules to help digestion. Therefore, if you eat too fast, it will increase the gastrointestinal burden, causing indigestion and other gastrointestinal problems.

3. The process of chewing promotes blood circulation in the stomach and intestines. Assume 300 calories of food is eaten, people who eat fast will consume only 7 calories within 90 minutes after eating, and those who chew slowly will consume 180 calories.

4. When we eat fast, blood glucose will rise rapidly, large amounts of insulin will be secreted, and the food will eventually be converted into fat and stored in our body.

Negimen Team is always here to support and provide healthy eating tips. Visit our website, subscribe and follow for more information! Please feel free to leave us a comment if you have any enquiry.

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