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【Fake healthy foods】Many foods are not as healthy as they claimed. Here are some common junk foods that people consider as healthy food.

Vegetable crisps: Some of them are made by deep-frying and puffing. Although some of them are produced by low-temperature dehydration,a lot of oil, salt and sugar have been added during the production process, which is not as healthy as eating fresh fruits and vegetables directly.

Instant oatmeal: Some of the nutrients of oatmeal have been lost during the production process of instant oatmeal. Sometimes, a lot of sugar, oil and many additives such as creamer have been added to enhance the flavour. All of these not only increase our calories intake but also increase our body's workload in digesting it.

Fruit juice: As a cup of fruit juice is usually made of 2-3 fruits, when compared with a fresh fruit, fruit juice contains more calories and sugar content with a lower fibre content. The fructose content in a cup of fruit juice is almost higher than the recommended daily intake. Excessive fructose intake may be converted into fat and increases the liver burden.

Frozen yogurt: Although frozen yogurt claims to be lower in fat then traditional ice-cream, it is very high in sugar with high calories. Excessive sugar intake will be converted into fat and stored in the body. In addition, chemical flavouring and pigments additives may be added, which is bad for health.

Fried seaweed: Not all seaweed are low in fat, some crispy fried seaweed contains 18.7g of fat in one serving(32g) which contains as many calories as a bowl of rice.

Sugar-free biscuits: Although the sugar content of sugar-free biscuits is less than regular biscuits, as more flour and oil have to be added to create a better flavour, it may contain higher calories than regular biscuits.

Negimen Team is always here to support and provide healthy eating tips. Visit our website, subscribe and follow for more information! Please feel free to leave us a comment if you have any enquiry.

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