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【自行評估睡眠質量】- 營養生Negimen



入睡時間 - 入睡時間超過30分鐘或以上

半夜醒 - 於夜間睡眠醒來不止一次,或醒來後需要超過20分鐘才能重新入睡

睡眠時間 - 實際睡眠時間不足7小時

營養師提提您:千萬不要忽視睡眠質量,提高睡眠質量有助於防止睡眠週期中斷,讓身體有 充足的休息及回復狀態,迎接新一天的到來!

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【Self-check of your sleeping quality】Talking about sleeping, quantity and quality are equally important. You may be getting enough hours of sleep, but it doesn't necessarily mean you are getting the most restful type of sleep. Good quality of sleep allows you the essential physical, mental and emotional health benefits that you need from your slumber.

What is poor sleeping quality?

Sleep latency - If it takes longer than 30 minutes for you to fall asleep

Sleep waking - If you wake up more than once during the night or it takes longer than 20 minutes to drift back asleep after waking up

Sleep duration - Actual sleep time is less than 7 hours

Friendly reminder: Do not overlook a sleeping quality, improving sleeping quality can help prevent an uninterrupted sleeping cycle, while assuring a more energetic day!

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