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【增強免疫力茶療】Negimen 營養生


面對疫症蔓延雖然要完全抗病毒暫時都未有方案,但做好保健及飲食上加強身體抵抗力變得更為重要。 當然以上茶療都需要專業人士指導下使用,想做到更好效果,可以交由我們為你設計Negimen Tea, 同時訂制茶療,查詢飲食安排都可以預約我們營養師。

想了解更多飲食資訊健康飲食及養生資訊,記得追蹤我們的專頁,快點click入我們的網站了解更多!如有任何疑問,歡迎留言給我們。 —————————————————————————— 【Immune Boosting Tea Therapy 】 Negimen will introduce those Chinese herbal tea which have been proven by research data that able to antibacterial and boost up immune system .

Even though there is no a perfect solution to the COVID, we should still keep our body fit with healthy diet and Tea therapy.

The above Chinese herbs needs to be used under the guidance of professionals. To order your Tailor made tea therapy , you are invited to order in our websites.

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