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【梳打水同湯力水到底有咩分別?】- 營養生Negimen

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【What’s the difference between soda water and tonic water?】Soda water and tonic water are both water that being artificially injected dissolved carbon dioxide gas into water, hence the water is carbonated. Soda water is often mistakenly thought to be helpful for digestion, but it could only help releasing gases from the stomach via burp, temporarily improve bloating. Quinine is added in tonic water, which is also the bitter taste comes from, it is mostly used as cocktails mixer nowadays. The added quinine is a plant alkaloid that extracted from the bark of quinine and is originally used to treat malaria. The content of quinine has been greatly reduced from the original formula, yet sugar and fruity flavours are added in to improve its drinkability.

Friendly reminder: The carbon dioxide that in carbonated beverages promote fullness, but it doesn’t promote neither fat breakdown or metabolism, so it doesn’t encourage weight loss or bowel movements.

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