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【五大有益調味料】- 營養生Negimen

【五大有益調味料 】常說多在家煮食比到餐廳進餐更健康,主要是因為自己烹調時可以控制調味料的選擇和份量,減少脂肪、糖份和油份的攝取。而眾多調味料中,尤以天然調味料為最建議的選擇:










【Top five healthy seasonings】It is often said that cooking at home is healthier than eating in a restaurant, mainly because you can control the choice and amount of seasonings when you cook, and reduce the unnecessary intake of fat, sugar and oil. Among many seasonings, natural seasonings are the most recommended choices:

Scallions: Helps improve fatigue and lower cholesterol. The allicin in it also helps enhance immunity with antibacterial effect.

Garlic: Protects the liver and helps liver detox, inhibit harmful bacteria in the gastrointestinal tract and facilitate blood circulation.

Tangerine Peel: Tangeretin prevents oxidation and helps reduce cholesterol while stimulating the secretion of gastric juice, strengthening the spleen and stomach function.

Black pepper: Promotes digestion and improves nutrient absorption. The piperine in it also helps promote metabolism.

Ginger: Promotes the normal secretion of gastric juice and the gingerol in it can promote metabolism.

Friendly reminder: Many seasonings that have been processed or grounded into powder are sold on the market. Although it is very convenient, in fact, there is a great chance that other ingredients such as salt, flavor enhancers, sweeteners, etc. are added. The nutrients are not as pure as natural seasonings. It is recommended to pay more attention to the ingredients, and choose the seasoning with the least additives.

Negimen Team is always here to support and provide healthy eating tips. Visit our website, subscribe and follow for more information! Please feel free to leave us a comment if you have any enquiry.

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