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【哪種茶最適合我?】- 營養生Negimen



烏龍茶屬青茶的一種,屬半發酵的茶類,由於烏龍茶的發酵時間各異,品種繁多,不寒不熱,有潤燥生津、消除體內積熱的功效,適合大部份體質的人直 飲用。



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【Which tea suits me the best?】In addition to the different characteristics of different types of tea, how to choose the tea that is suitable for me?

Green tea is unfermented tea, which contains the most vitamins and amino acids, compared to other types of tea. It also contains the least amount of caffeine but the highest amount of antioxidant EGCG among the tea family, which promotes anti-aging properties.

Oolong tea is a semi fermented tea, as the fermentation time and process varies, there are numerous types of oolong tea. It is neutral in nature, which is suitable for most body types.

Red tea such as Qi Hong has been completely fermented, which contains an effective antioxidant polyphenols. It is warm in nature, suitable for people with a cold body type to warm up in winter.

Black tea is a post-fermented tea, which will be aged for a period of time and fermented by the koji bacteria in the tea. It is rich in tea polysaccharide compounds, which can help prevent diabetes, lower blood pressure and remove greasiness.

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