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【三高都可以健康咁食糭!】- 營養生Negimen





營養師提提你: 糉子的熱量始終偏高,無論有沒有三高的煩惱,都不應該把糉子當成小食,而應該用它代替其中一餐的主食,每天最多只吃一個。老生常談:少食多滋味,多吃壞肚皮啊!



[3-highs can have rice dumplings!] It is normal to have rice dumplings at the Dragon Boat Festival. 3-highs patients often have a love-hate relationship with rice dumplings as they are delicious, but generally high in calories and made up of a lot of high-fat and sodium ingredients. In fact, with the right ingredients and amount of consumption, 3-highs patients can still consume rice dumplings that do less harm to their health!

Rice dumplings are generally made of glutinous rice which is sticky and has a higher glycemic index than white rice. People with hyperglycemia should choose rice dumplings that are mixed with other grains and wheat ingredients to reduce the proportion of glutinous rice, and avoid dipping sugar or honey.

When making rice dumplings, it is also recommended to use other ingredients to replace high-fat and high-sodium ingredients such as salted egg yolks, pork belly, etc., to minimize the absorption of excessive fat and sodium, while retaining the appearance and taste of traditional rice dumplings.

In the coming post, healthier rice dumpling options on the market will be introduced! Stay tuned!

Friendly reminder: The calories of rice dumplings are high. No matter if you have 3-highs or not, they should not be treated as snacks. Instead, it should replace the starch in one of your daily meals. Eat only one rice dumpling a day at most. Do not over treat yourself!

Negimen Team is always here to support and provide healthy eating tips. Visit our website, subscribe and follow for more information! Please feel free to leave us a comment if you have any enquiry.

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