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1️⃣ 連續睡眠障礙時間長達一個月以上

2️⃣ 睡眠障礙的程度足以構成主觀的疲累、焦慮或客觀的工作效率下降、角色功能損傷

💡 偶爾的失眠未必會對健康造成太大影響,但若經常性或長期失眠可會影響精神、情緒、記憶或認知能力等


【4 Major Types Of Insomnia】

Insomnia has gradually become the norm for urbanites, but it is actually a type of sleep disorder❗

According to DSM-IV of the American Psychiatric Association, there are two major criteria to diagnose sleep disorders: 

1️⃣ Sleeping problems persist for more than 1 month

2️⃣ Sleeping problems bring about anxiety, tiredness, and worries or resulted in deterioration of work function and role damage

💡 Occasional insomnia is not likely to cause impact to the body, but regular or long-term insomnia may lead to adverse effects of mental, emotional, memory, cognitive abilities or more

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