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【雞粉=味精?】- 營養生Negimen



至於雞粉,要知道坊間大部份品牌的主要成份還是谷氨酸鈉(~ 40% ),其餘60%為人工增味劑及其它添加物,例如鹽、麥芽糖糊精、增味劑 (E621, E635, E631) 、粟粉、等。雞粉當然含有少量雞的成份,比如雞肉、雞油等等,以模仿雞的味道。但雞的品質如何、用量多少、部位選擇,完全取決於生產廠家。至於哪一種牌子的雞粉較健康,最終還是取決於鈉含量,而非有沒有味精。




【Chicken powder = MSG? 】In order to delicate the food flavor and fragrance, many household and commercial restaurants are likely to use chicken powder during food preparation. It seems that chicken powder is a safer and healthier substitution for MSG. But do you really know the difference between MSG and chicken powder?

Monosodium glutamate (MSG), also known as sodium glutamate, is extracted from kelp through microbiological fermentation. MSG is usually used as a substitution of salt due to the low sodium content (< ⅓ ). Nowadays, the "International Food, Agriculture and Health Organization" has listed MSG as a recommended and legally used food additive.

The main ingredients for chicken powder are sodium glutamate (~ 40%). Artificial flavour enhancers, other additives, such as salt, maltodextrin, flavour enhancers (E621 , E635, E631), corn starch etc., accounts for the remaining 60%. Chicken powder does contain real chicken. However, the chicken quality, the dosage amount, and the choice of parts depend entirely on the manufacturer. In terms of health concern, the sodium content is the major determining factor, not the presence or absence of MSG.

Friendly reminder: Although both "MSG" and "Chicken Noodles" are artificial seasonings, they are harmless to most people if consumed moderately and controllably.

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