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【增加身體對瘦素敏感度的食物】- 營養生Negimen






【Foods that increase leptin sensitivity】Although leptin is important for weight control, it cannot be absorbed directly from food, but can only increase the secretion speed and the body’s sensitivity to leptin.

The leptin sensitivity is affected by the body's leptin resistance. The higher the resistance, the lower the sensitivity. Different conditions such as excessive body fat, severe body inflammation, hyperglycemia, etc., will increase the body's leptin resistance. To reduce it, we must first deal with the inflammation of the body and reduce body fat and blood lipids.

Friendly reminder: In addition to eating more foods mentioned in the picture, the level of leptin in the blood is also affected by other environmental factors, such as excessive stress and insufficient sleep, which will reduce leptin secretion of the body. So to build an easy-to-lean physique, proper rest is also very important.

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