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【夏日熱辣辣~自製打卡消暑特飲】- 營養生Negimen


士多啤梨蝶豆花梳打 製作方法:










【Hot Summer~Homemade Cold Drinks】The main reason why the petals of butterfly pea are blue is that, the anthocyanins it contains 10 times higher than other plants. Anthocyanins help protect the eyes, control blood sugar, have antioxidant effects, strengthen the immune system, prevent cancer, prevent high blood pressure and so on. Anthocyanins can also promote the production of collagen, beautifying the skin. Butterfly pea also contains bioflavonoids, which promote healthy hair growth.

Strawberry Butterfly Pea Ade Recipe:

1) Place the butterfly pea in hot water, soak for 15 minutes

2) Mash the strawberry and pour into the bottom of the cup

3) Add ice cubes, pour the strawberry into the ice tray according to personal preference to make "flavored" ice cubes

4) Pour in soda water

5) Pour in butterfly pea juice

6) Add the herb for garnish

Friendly reminder: Butterfly Pea has the effect of clearing the meridian and blood, and can promote uterine contraction. Pregnant women, women who are menstruating, patients who are about to have surgery, and patients taking anticoagulant drugs should not drink butterfly pea drinks.

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