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【新餐肉真的健康?】- 營養生Negimen

【新餐肉真的健康?】午餐肉屬於合成肉一種,不但高脂高鈉高熱量,更被列為一級致癌食物。因此不少連鎖快餐店,例如Mc Donald, KFC, Green Common均推出「新餐肉」。到底新餐肉是否更健康?成份是甚麼?與傳統餐肉有甚麼不同之處?

新餐肉的鈉含量雖比傳統餐肉低, 但仍屬於高納食品。過量攝取有機會導致高血壓或水腫等狀況。而傳統餐肉更含有致癌成份的硝酸鹽,增加患上胃癌或大腸癌的風險。因此進食新舊餐肉後,應飲用足夠水份及食用高鉀食物,如香蕉、菠菜、三文魚等,以排解多餘鹽份。

營養師提提您:一般健康成年人的每日脂肪攝取量應佔總量20 - 30%;跑和脂肪攝取量不能超過總熱量的10%。例如在2000卡路里的飲食中,正常人每天應攝取不多於20克飽和脂肪。



【Is Omnipork a healthier option?】Traditional luncheon meat is a kind of synthetic meat, which is high in fat, sodium & calorie. It is also classified into first-grade carcinogenic food. Many long chain fast food restaurants, such as Mc Donald, KFC & Green common offers Omnipork. Does Omnipork really healthier than traditional luncheon meat? What are the ingredients? Are there any differences between them?

The total fat content for Omnipark is greater than traditional luncheon meat. In order to imitate the taste of real meat, a large amount of coconut oil is used to enrich the armor and flavour. The saturated fat content of coconut oil is up to 85%. Consuming saturated fat can also affect body cholesterol level.

Although the sodium content for Omnipork is lower than that of traditional luncheon, it still belongs to high sodium content food. The risk of developing hypertension and swelling increase. What’s more, traditional luncheon meat contains carcinogenic nitrates, which increase the risk of stomach cancer & colorectal cancer. Therefore, it is suggested to drink sufficient amount of water and consume high-potassium foods, such as bananas, spinach, salmon, etc., to facilitate the elimination of excessive salt.

Friendly reminder: The total fat consumption for an healthy individual should account for 20-30% of the total daily expenditure, while the calorie from saturated fat should be less than 10%. For example, in a 2000-calorie diet, an healthy individual should consume less than 20g of saturated fat per day.

Negimen Team is always here to support and provide healthy eating tips. Visit our website, subscribe and follow for more information! Please feel free to leave us a comment if you have any enquiry.

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