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【Taiwanese salty chicken choices ?】There are more food options in those restaurants of Taiwanese salty chicken. It is well known as a common and convenient choice, but what else should we be aware of while enjoying the food?

Chicken breast, skinless chicken thigh and braised egg provide good quality and low-fat proteins. Because of the skin of chicken wings, its fat content is higher than other parts of the chicken, making it a less priority option.

The fat content of hard bean curd is 7g less than deep-fried beancurd tofu per 100g, which is considered a more ideal option in comparison. Pig blood cake and tempura are processed foods that are made with additional food enhancer, resulting in higher fat and sodium content.

Vegetables and mushrooms are common sources of fibre, which helps intestinal peristalsis and reduces fat absorption. Polyphenol and antioxidants also improve the inflammation while potassium is able to reduce sodium intake.

Friendly reminder: Consume protein in its original form, pair with 2-3 kinds of vegetables for a more balanced composition. Meanwhile, reduce the use and the amount of seasonings in order to reduce the intake of sodium and fat.

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