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維生素D作為所有細胞類型、組織和器官的保護者和調節者,於人體中的功用其實不止有助鈣質吸收,幾乎每個細胞都依靠維生素D進行每天數百個過程和運轉。因此,若缺乏維生素 D會導致身體各系統受損,從骨骼疾病、心臟病、癌症甚至失智症。


【When Your Body Is Vitamin D Deficient】

As a protector and regulator of all cell types, tissues and organs, vitamin D does more than just increase the efficiency of calcium absorption in the human body. In face, almost every cell relies on vitamin D for hundreds of processes and operations every day. Therefore, vitamin D deficiency can lead to impairment or damage to various systems within the body, from bone disease, heart disease, cancer and even dementia.

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