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營養生Negimen -【高飽和脂肪的食物=高膽固醇的食物?】

【高飽和脂肪的食物=高膽固醇的食物?】高飽和脂肪的食物常被認為也會含有大量的膳食膽固醇,但其實兩者並沒有關聯。 膳食膽固醇來大多自動物性來源,而蛋白則是例外。膳食膽固醇僅只佔人體膽固醇的一小部分,成年人的每天建議攝取量為300mg或以下。膳食膽固醇與血膽固醇並不同,大部分是由肝臟自行合成,只有一小部分人體膽固醇是來自膳食膽固醇,健康人士的膽固醇水平會透過體內自行調節。

營養師提提您:脂蛋白在通常被稱為血膽固醇,是脂質和蛋白質的複合物,負責將脂質從肝臟運送到細胞。反之亦然, 較高水平的「壞」膽固醇(LDL-C)和/或較低水平的「好」膽固醇(HDL-C)則會增加患上心臟病或肥胖症等慢性疾病的風險。



【Foods high in saturated fat = high in cholesterol?】Foods containing high saturated fat are often thought to have a significant amount of dietary cholesterol as well, in fact, there is no association between them. Dietary cholesterol is present in most animal sources, while egg white has always been an exception. Dietary cholesterol only contributes to a small portion of cholesterol in the body, an adult daily intake below 300mg dietary cholesterol is suggested. Dietary cholesterol is different from blood cholesterol, the majority of cholesterol is found in the body and is made by the liver, the level of cholesterol is controlled by the self-regulatory mechanism in healthy individuals .

Friendly reminder: Lipoprotein is commonly known as blood cholesterol in the body, a complex of lipids and proteins that is responsible for carrying lipids from liver to the cells and vice versa. A higher level of “bad” cholesterol (LDL-C) and/or a lower level of “good” cholesterol (HDL-C) will have a higher risk of chronic diseases such as heart disease and obesity.

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