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【港式凍飲卡路里大比拼】- 營養生Negimen

【港式凍飲卡路里大比拼】夏日炎炎走進餐廳,不少人會選擇叫杯凍飲,但其實街外飲品大多也含大量糖份。世界衛生組織建議從游離糖(經過加工的糖、糖漿、蜜糖、濃縮果汁等)中的攝取的卡路里不多於每日總卡路里攝取量的5%, 以一個總卡路里攝取量為2000kcal的成年人為例,即建議每天少於25g。而一般凍飲已有大概20g糖,長期飲用會大大增加蛀牙和肥胖風險。另外一杯紅豆冰的卡路里是260kcal,其實已等於吃了1碗飯。




【Comparison of calories in cold drinks】During summer, many people crave for a cold drink. In fact, most of the cold drinks contain a lot of sugar. The World Health Organization recommends that a person should not consume more than 5% of total calories from free sugar. For example if the total calories consumption of an adult is 2000kcal per day, his daily intake of free sugar should be less than 25g. Majority of the cold drinks contain about 20g of sugar, long-term intake would greatly increase the risk of tooth decay and obesity. Furthermore, the calories of a cup of red bean freeze is 260kcal, which is equivalent to a bowl of rice already.

Healthier option is to order hot drinks instead of cold drinks. Generally, hot drinks are smaller in cups, and mostly come with an external sugar sachet, so you can adjust the sweetness by yourself. But if you still want cold drinks, it is recommended to order less sugar, or even sugar-free. The calories of a cup of iced lemon tea with less sugar can be reduced from 140kcal to 90kcal. In addition, it is not recommended to drink more than one cup of cold drinks a day.

Negimen Team is always here to support and provide healthy eating tips. Visit our website, subscribe and follow for more information! Please feel free to leave us a comment if you have any enquiry.

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