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【無麩質飲食等如無啖好食?】- 營養生Negimen

【無麩質飲食等如無啖好食? 】上一篇提及了對小麥過敏和乳糜瀉的人士應該避免進食含麩質的食物,減少出現胃部不適或肚瀉的情況。但不少日常生活中經常進食的食物,如麵包、意粉、餅乾都普遍含麩質,如要完全避免含麩質的食物,豈不是「無啖好食」?





【Gluten-Free Diet = Nothing to eat? 】It has been mentioned in the previous post that people with wheat allergy or celiac disease should restrict gluten intake from their diets to avoid gastrointestinal irritates and diarrhoea. However, gluten can commonly be found in different foods in our daily diet, such as breads, spaghetti and biscuits. Does it mean that we would have nothing to eat when following a gluten-free diet?

It is not as difficult as we thought to follow a gluten-free diet, as long as we can find some alternatives. For example, wheat bread can be replaced by corn tortilla; wheat flour can be replaced by teff flour; spaghetti can be replaced by pure buckwheat noodles, etc. Moreover, there are many gluten-free food products in the market, such as gluten-free cake and gluten-free bread; it is not really difficult to live a gluten-free life.

Friendly reminder: Weight loss effect has been observed after following a gluten-free diet, this is mainly because it limits the options of most bakery goods such as cakes and biscuits (mostly contain gluten), which helps encourage weight loss.

Negimen Team is always here to support and provide healthy eating tips. Visit our website, subscribe and follow for more information! Please feel free to leave us a comment if you have any enquiry.

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